The most important enterprise dedicated to formation on proffesional and amateur padel in the world

As Vanquish, we promote this innovative project with the aim of discovering and generating opportunities in strategic territories around padel, as well as promoting the PadelMBA brand through sponsorships and the construction of alternative communication channels to those in force.

PadelMBA is the leading ecosystem in which online and offline training purely dedicated to padel coexist. It consists of an innovative and disruptive way of offering online and face-to-face micro-training, bringing together the best professionals in each area, so that they can transmit their knowledge in a format that is accessible to everyone.

Among other activities within the digital field, PadelMBA offers online courses in Spanish and English, aimed at players of all levels, coaches and padel directors. Likewise, with the aim of creating spaces for networking and loyalty, the brand also has offline proposals, ranging from tournaments and clinics to face-to-face training experiences, which are expanding in countries such as Spain, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Qatar and Finland.

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