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    Guido Passi

    Born in 1975, in 2008 he attends a Masters in post-production and strengthens his skills with other professional classes in the film field. He starts as a camera operator and editor for national television shows and corporate videos; in 2014 he moves to Los Angeles where he is part of the crew of The Defiant Ones, an Emmy-winning HBO show, as Assistant Editor. He continues his international career in Sweden with SVT as lead editor and starts teaching editing.

    In 2017 he publishes his first documentary, Auxilium, the faith continues, made with the support of Film Commission Torino Piemonte.

    He is about to direct his second documentary, Dear Cochise, a co-production between Italy (Cinefonie) and United States (KP’s Remain), supported by Emilia Romagna Film Commission and Torino Piemonte Film Commission.