Sanyo Gutiérrez presented his exclusive racket, the Siux SG Black Limited Edition

The Siux product was displayed in the Flagship Store of Pádel Nuestro in Madrid. Sanyo tested his new racket in an event attended by the padel-specialized press. The brand announced that only 1,500 units will be offered for sale.

“El Mago” showed off his best trick with his new wand. Daniel Sanyo Gutiérrez, number 2 in couples World Padel Tour ranking, officially presented the Siux SG Black Limited Edition. The exclusive version of the racket, with which he has achieved a high performance in recent months, will have only 1,500 units for sale.

The launch was held at the Flagship Store of Padel Nuestro in Madrid, Spain, in an event hosted by the renowned influencer Felipe Navarro for his Instagram account, Energy Padel. Sanyo participated in activities held at the store: he tested his SG Black Limited Edition racket, gave interviews and signed the Siux product for his fans.

Since being appointed new Siux ambassador, “El Mago de San Luis” has competed with the SG Black Limited Edition racket, with which he has won four World Padel Tour tournaments: Copenhagen, Vienna, Valencia and Malaga. The Argentine player has shown off his talent with this racket, specifically adapted to meet his requirements, and improved based on his playing style, with the best finishes that exist today in the market. Its hybrid shape, medium balance, together with medium rubber and carbon 12K, favor his versatile game.

In addition to being part of the organization of the launch event, at Vanquish we work to boost Siux international reach, through social media campaigns and press actions. We continue supporting the exponential growth of padel and of the main actors in the industry worldwide.