SIUX joins forces with VANQUISH to work on its new communications and marketing strategy

The renowned padel racket, textile and equipment brand aims to strengthen its position through digital and press strategies and has committed to VANQUISH to help reach its objective.

SIUX, the internationally consolidated padel brand is relaunching its global communications and marketing strategy and has entrusted VANQUISH with achieving that objective. The new alliance aims to strengthen the brand’s presence in the global market.

With everything from the implementation of creative strategies to press and social media management services, VANQUISH works to strengthen SIUX’s position.

The brand’s ambassadors make it stand out. Currently, SIUX racket are used by the best players in the World Padel Tour circuit, such as Franco Stupaczuk (7th), Patty Llaguno (7th), Lucho Capra (14th) y Javi Ruiz (22th), among other athletes. Likewise, SIUX stands out thanks to its versatility and wide array of products, which adapt to every type of player.

The relaunch of the marketing and communications strategy of a brand like SIUX, renowned in the international sports industry, is a challenge we’re eager to face at VANQUISH. We reaffirm our commitment to the padel industry, a strategic sport that has the largest growth rate around the world.